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Artist and Printmaker

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Merci beaucoup pour la photo sur ton blog ! Félicitation pour ton travail ! Au plaisir de te revoir, bonne année 2013 et bonne créativité ! Cicia et ses fleurs en plastique !
Cicia Hartmann - 4 Jan 2013
Hi, Nadia. Me again. I took a photo from an upper window, during the snowstorm at Christmas. The result reminded me of you and what you would do with it, so I posted it to Flickr with the title, "For Nadia". You can see it at I hope you had a very good Christmas, in spite of the weather!
Susannah - 8 Jan 2009
Hi! I just did a post on my blog (Wanderin' Weeta, ) about our visit to your display last Sunday. You can see it here, . I hope to see more of your work in future Crawls. (I would love to have one of your bugs on my wall.)
Susannah - 29 Nov 2008
Like your Chinatown alley print the best - I've looked down the alleys hundreds of times and seen that ordered chaos of cables and poles. Also like your transformers with their R2D2-like personalities...very good indeed. More insects please. We'll look for your prints (in the flesh) at Granville Island. Excellent work!
Pavel B - 29 Jul 2008
Love your new stuff and the Bio Nadia. It's nice getting to know and see your atistic side!
Thi Ut Antoniazzi - 6 Jun 2008
I love your transformer series-in particular #4. I'd like to inquire more about your work and am thrilled for your site and your involvement in the eastside culture crawl!
Abby Wener Herlin - 4 Jun 2008
Hi Nadia!!! Your artwork is so AMAZING!!! Looking forward to more of your fun prints:) See you soon at the VIT!
Julie Nakata - 22 Apr 2008
This is great. I really love your bio. You need to put in about the east van culture crawl in your news.
Maria Stanborough - 21 Apr 2008
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